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A Complete Procedural System.


The LIFE procedure eliminates unwanted soft tissue using the EVOLVEClick here to see 180W Laser Footage

Tissue Interaction

Because soft tissue contains a high percentage of water, a surgical laser must be well absorbed in water to ablate tissue properly. Also, absorption in hemoglobin is imperative for vaporization and successful hemostasis. The significance of the EVOLVE Laser System is that it provides the highest absorption in water and hemoglobin from the same wavelength . The fiber radiation pattern ensures the effective delivery and focus to the tissue. 

EVOLVE 180W Laser System

  • The World's most powerful medical laser system; guarantees unmatched performance in speed and effectiveness
  • Mobile Unit or Portable System: depending on the setup of your practice, you can choose between the portable laser system or a complete mobile unit with additional light,  camera module and monitor
  • Extremely Quiet: noise is an unwanted distraction in endourological operating rooms, our EVOLVE Laser System allows you to work in a quiet environment
  • Auto-Memory Function: operating the EVOLVE Laser System is further simplified by automatically storing the last parameter settings used, ensuring both operator and patient safety
  • Interdisciplinary Use: due to EVOLVE's small footprint and its low weight, the LIFE procedure can easily be incorporated into in a mixed-device/mixed-procedure environment within surgical centers.
  • Excellent Visualization: the wavelength of the EVOLVE diode laser is invisible to the human eye and does not impair your vision during a procedure. The resulting lack of distraction makes if easier to operate with precision in a stress-free environment.
  • Minimal Maintenance Costs: thanks to the long LIFE and trouble-free characteristics of biolitec's laser diode technology, high maintenance costs are a thing of the past

EVOLVE 180W Laser System

 The benefits of biolitec's EVOLVE technology extend well beyond BPH treatment:

  • Removal of Bladder Tumors
  • Ureterostenosis
  • Circumcisions
  • Condyloma Removal
  • Hemorrhoid Treatment
  • Cyst Removal