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Our people are the foundation for our success.

At biolitec, our vision is to innovate unique medical treatments, methods and products that will have a positive impact on the well being of people worldwide. We know that our employees are our single greatest advantage in achieving this vision. Our success is based not only on our highly innovative products: Our employees and our Company Culture, distinguished by team spirit and flexibility, really provide the thrust that continues to propel us forward.

Why do people choose to make their careers at biolitec?

  • Comfortable work environment
  • Talented and dedicated co-workers
  • Ethical standards and values
  • Competitive compensation and benefits

biolitec is the leader in the production of fiber optics for industrial applications and the only company worldwide to have comprehensive resources in Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)-relevant technologies. Our goal is to establish ourselves as the leading manufacturer of innovative cures, centered around photosensitizers and minimally invasive laser therapies, in Europe and in the U.S. We foster a company dedicated to scientific excellence, quality of service and integrity in the way we conduct ourselves in business and society. If you think you have something to offer a company like ours, we want to hear from you.

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