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Biolitec Laser Systems - Providing the most advanced solutions in medical laser treatment.

At biolitec, we are committed to delivering only the highest quality, most versatile laser systems to our customers and their patients.

Working with medical professionals, patients, scientists and our own leading edge developers, biolitec's laser systems outperform traditional lasers and non-laser surgery / treatment - providing superior precision, control and patient comfort.

ELVeS PL Laser System:
Equipped with Ceralas D15/980 diode laser precision, ELVeS PL is among the most effective, minimally invasive therapies for treatment of venous insufficiencies. Learn more

EVOLVE Laser System:
Because of its unique 980nm wavelength, the EVOLVE produces unparalleled results in removing unwanted soft tissue while eliminating scarring and tissue damage. Learn more

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