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The TWISTER SF fiber was developed to offer unmatched ablation rates and excellent reliability.

Due to it's special ability to work in contact mode, performance loss and fiber degradation are things of the past. With the new patented bend design the TWISTER SF fiber gives you a direct tactile feedback of the area that is being ablated or vaporized.

The combination of the EVOLVE Laser Series and the TWISTER SF Fiber achieves rates of 2-3 grams per minute.

Main features

  • Working in contact mode
  • Long-lasting fiber without fiber degradation
  • Direct and high energy delivery
  • Smooth intrasurgical surface of the vaporized area


  • Higher ablation rates than current side fiber and radiofrequency methods
  • No fiber tip cleaning required during the procedure to maintain fiber integrity
  • No potential side effects towards the end of the procedure due to fiber degradation
  • Increased control of the fiber tip
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Permits excellent treatment of the top of the prostate.
  • Urologists can utilize traditional TUR type movements effectively with a laser