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Urology HoLAP

biolitec SideFiber 2100

Superior operation at a superior price.

The biolitec SideFiber SF-2100-H and its four distinct design advantages provide unsurpassed performance, reliability and convenience.

  • Uniform 550 um fiber, 2.4 mm outside probe diameter:
    • enables easy operation with any suitable endoscope.
  • Dual indicator lines:
    • provide easy visualization for precise targeting of the laser beam.
  • Special metal cap:
    • protects the working tip of the probe.
  • Unique hand positioning knob:
    • facilitates easy reference to beam direction.

Technical Specifications

Indications/Intended use:

SideFiber SF-2100- H may be used for BPH Treatment (HoLAP), hemostasis, ablation and vaporization with a compatible laser marketed for use in the desired application. SideFiber SF-2100-H can be used in the non-contact mode with any Homium laser system that accepts an SMA 905 connector.

Catalog Number:


Pure Silica Core:

550 micron

Total Length:

3.0 meters

Total O.D:


Operation Use

Requires fluid environment.

Power Range:

Up to 100 watts for Holmium.


The sterile products are sold in boxes of 5 probes per box. One operating manual per box.

Compatible Endoscopes:

ACMI, Gyrus, Olympus and Storz. (These are registered trademarks of their respective companies and are unrelated to biolitec.)